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Richmond Congregational Church
United Church of Christ

Rev. Katelyn Macrae, Pastor • 20 Church St. • P.O. Box 302 • Richmond VT, 05477

(802) 434-2053 • Email: church@rccucc.org • Facebook: www.facebook.com/rccucc

Sunday Worship September-June: 10:00 AM with Sunday School and Nursery care
 July & August: 9:00 AM with special activities for children

Church office hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30am - 3:00pm


Open and Affirming •  All are Welcome

January 2015 Reflections

Reflections From the Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

While walking along the Stowe Recreation Path this week I noticed there were patches of ice on the river, but the water beside it ran freely. It was the late afternoon, and the sun shone brightly, but the moon was also already out. This mix of static and dynamic water, and the sun and the moon both visible in the sky, reminds me that our lives are full of constants and things that appear static like the ice. But running alongside the static there is a dynamic flow of fresh water as things continuously change.

January is upon us, and with it comes a new year full of new possibilities, fresh starts and new resolutions. For some of us, the start of 2015 might be that time to finally get to the gym, try that new recipe we’ve been meaning to try, or resolve to engage in a new practice. But in addition to the diets and exercise regimens, what might it mean for us to approach the spiritual side of the new year with an equal sense of freshness and resolve? Are there also places where you feel frozen or stuck? How might your relationship with God help you to get "unstuck" in 2015?

And alongside the new possibilities and aspirations for change, what are the constants in your life? Just as the sun sets and moon rises, what do you count on as part of your day? What do you hold fast to in the midst of change?

One of the constants I depend on, day in and day out is my relationship with God. God and I talk pretty frequently, especially when I get outside and take a walk (which I resolve to do more of in 2015!). The fresh winter air, the scenery, the sunshine on my face not only refreshes me, but helps me to see the world differently – to appreciate the things that seem constant and solid, and those which are changing. My brain chatter quiets down, and my heart opens up a bit more when I take a walk with God. So while I might view my relationship with God as a constant, even in its constancy there is a dynamic element! I guess I better consult a physicist about how something can be both constant and dynamic at the same time.

In the meantime, I wish you a Happy New Year abundantly full of dependability and dynamism. Whatever you encounter, I pray that you may grow in your relationship with God and that this relationship will be a source of strength and inspiration in the year to come.

With Peace,